Press Release: Cap and Trade passes House, heads to Senate


Mon., June 17, 2019

Cap and Trade passes House, heads to Senate

SALEM, Ore. – Representative Shelly Boshart Davis released the following statement about the passage of House Bill 2020:

“This whole session, as part of the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction, I have worked tirelessly on this bill to try to minimize the harmful impacts on working families while maximizing greenhouse gas reductions. Unfortunately, all the effort has been for nothing.”

After a marathon debate, the House of Representatives passed the massive bill that will have the effect of reorganizing the Oregon economy in the face of bipartisan opposition.

“By passing this bill, the supermajority tightened its squeeze on those working paycheck to paycheck. The House failed Oregonians today. I hope the Senate will do right by them and fix this terrible bill.”


Dru Draper