Press Release: Oregon timber workers and truckers deserve their voices


Wed., June 12, 2019

Oregon timber workers and truckers deserve their voices heard

SALEM, Ore. – For all the talk about House Bill 2020 assisting our most vulnerable populations, those populations seem to disagree. Today, Oregon timber workers and truck drivers marched on the Capitol to voice their strong opposition to the supermajority’s Cap and Trade proposal.

“Throughout the committee process, the supermajority has told us that our rural populations are disproportionately impacted by climate change and stand to gain from this bill,” Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis (RAlbany) said. “I am therefore puzzled why those who we are told will be helped by this bill showed up to protest its passage.”

House Bill 2020 will increase the cost of living on rural Oregonians by jacking up the price of fuel, groceries, and natural gas.

“The supermajority has made it a habit of ignoring the needs of working families. Rural Oregonians rely on these jobs to take care of their family. Perhaps their concerns ought to be listened to before the legislature puts their livelihoods at risk while making no meaningful contribution to curbing climate change.”


Dru Draper