Press Release: Boshart Davis introduces legislation to help fix foster care


Mon., April 15th, 2019

Representative Boshart Davis introduces legislation to help fix foster care

SALEM, Ore – This week, Representative Shelly Boshart Davis (R-Albany) introduced two pieces of legislation aimed at improving Oregon’s foster system.

HB 3429 directs the Oregon Health Authority to act with judicious speed to ensure that health coverage does not lapse when a foster child moves jurisdictions. HB 3410 provides a much-needed relief for working families by allowing parents, including foster parents, to take a $1,000 tax credit per child.

Representative Boshart Davis reiterated the tremendous challenges that working families increasingly face in Oregon, especially those who are caring for a foster child, “As a mother of three, I know how hard families work to make ends meet. Rather than create more high-cost, bureaucratic state programs, letting families keep more of their tax dollars is the most efficient and economical way to help working families keep their head above water.”

“Everyone knows that our foster care system is broken. These bills are aimed at improving inefficiencies within the system – whether it be making sure these children have the necessary and timely access to healthcare or a few extra dollars in the family’s pockets in case of an emergency,” said Boshart Davis.

HB 3429 is waiting to be referred to committee. HB 3410 is awaiting hearing in the House Committee on Revenue.


Dru Draper