Press Release: Small business policy in Oregon needs overhaul


Friday, March 8th, 2019

Small business policy in Oregon needs overhaul

SALEM, Ore. – Yesterday, Rep. Boshart Davis spoke before the House Chamber about the difficulties Oregon small businesses face. The Oregon Secretary of State released the State of Small Business report, which lays out the increasing demand for assistance from the Office of Small Business Advocacy. Rep. Boshart Davis released the following statement:

“While I am glad the Office of Small Business Advocacy exists as a resource for small businesses around the state, it is clear that the increasing demand for their services is a direct result of burdensome red tape. Licensing alone accounts for nearly 50% of the assistance services that our small businesses require. The legislature must realize this ongoing strategy of taxing and regulating makes it more and more difficult for small businesses to make meaningful contributions to their communities.”


Dru Draper