Press Release: Shelly Boshart Davis To Represent House District 15 


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Shelly Boshart Davis To Represent House District 15 

ALBANY, Ore. – After almost 8 months on the campaign trail, Shelly Boshart Davis was elected as the new representative for House District 15. With unofficial results coming in at 56.71%, Boshart Davis won a resounding victory over her two opponents.

Boshart Davis and her campaign knocked almost 5,000 doors and called nearly 19,000 voters to share her message of balance, leadership, and common sense. This grassroots approach reflected her desire to listen and work toward solutions.

“I am honored to be selected to represent the area I have spent my whole life in. I am so thankful for the outpouring of support from so many; those who volunteered time, contributed funds, and cast their vote for me. I look forward to working for House District 15 and being the advocate for the issues that are important to all of us. I am committed to tackling the tough problems we face.”

Boshart Davis will be sworn into office after the first of the year and begin her work as a legislator in the 2019 session.


Dru Draper