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Legislative Days in the Capitol

This month Representative-elect Boshart Davis got her first taste of what it is like being a legislator. During the interim (the time the legislature is not in session) legislators are asked to come to the capitol for three day stretches to hear committee reports, work on forming legislation and prepare for the session. December 12th, 13th, and 14th were the last set of legislative days of the year. The Representative-elect was asked to speak on a panel regarding transportation and had the opportunity to sit in on a carbon fuel reduction briefing and get the insights on Oregon’s plans to implement a new cap and trade program. 


Representative-elect Boshart Davis with Senator Arnie Roblan (Left) and the State Affairs Manager for the Port of Portland Ivo Trummer, discussing the relationship between functional transportation and an efficient economy.
Talking with Bill Cambell discussing the fiscal side of a cap and trade program.

Cascade Corridor and Railway Briefing

During the Representative-elect's first day in the Capitol, she was asked to join Senator Roblan and the State Affairs Manager for the Port of Portland to speak on the relationship between transportation and the economy. The three panelists discussed how efficient transportation systems, such as railroads and trucking, impact sectors such as farming positively. If Oregon wants to keep its place as a top agricultural-producing state, it is imperative the mechanisms that provide the transportation of Oregon’s crops stay up to date and modern. This means ensuring safe, efficient roads and railway systems will be a top priority for the Representative-elect. 

In 2017, Oregon passed an extensive transportation package that placed the trucking industry as the biggest single group contributor through increased taxes and permitting costs. These inflated costs result in increased costs for small business and local farms that need to move their crops to market. If we want Oregon farms to be nationally and internationally competitive than this needs to be considered when discussing any tax increases. 

E2 Briefing 

On Wednesday, the Representative-elect was invited to a briefing by a company called E2 on Oregon’s plans to implement a "cap and trade" program. A "cap and trade" program is a government-created market that places a price on each ton of carbon used by a company. Companies have the ability to buy permits allowing them to emit carbon without being fined. Each year, the state will lower the cap on how much carbon is allowed to be emitted, and therefore lowering the number of permits that can be purchased at auction or traded amongst businesses. The idea behind a cap and trade program is that it will incentivize companies to upgrade equipment to reduce carbon emissions. 

The Representative-elect provided unique insight on the matter and asked a multitude of questions regarding the impact that a cap and trade program would have on Oregonians. Consumers would see the greatest impact through increased fuel costs when fuel manufacturers pass on the costs at the pump. Increased fuel cost will also increase transportation costs for all goods and services - impacting everyone. Her insight, along with fellow Representative-elect Drazan (HD 39) allowed the ideas from both sides of the aisle to be heard. 

Thoughts From Shelly

All in all, I feel the legislative days were great. I had the opportunity to get a taste of what the 2019 session is going to be like. Tons of meetings, research, and finding new, cost-effective ways to keep Oregon moving forward. My staff and I will continue to keep you all updated on what is going on in Salem. Through Social Media and weekly newsletters, I hope to bring our fight for productive policies to you. If you are ever interested in coming up and joining me in the Capitol, you can reach my staff and I at

One of my goals as your Representative is to get as many people involved in the lawmaking process in order to ensure all voices are heard. 

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