Press Release: Rep-elect Boshart Davis appointed to key legislative committees


Tues., Jan. 10th, 2019

Rep-elect Boshart Davis appointed to key legislative committees

SALEM, Ore. – Representative-elect Shelly Boshart Davis (R-Albany) will serve on three key committees with direct impact on the lives of working families in House District 15. She will serve on the Business and Labor, Agriculture and Land Use, and Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction.

Boshart Davis’ range of experience - from a minimum-wage worker to a small business owner and farmer – gives her unique insight into the interests of both labor and business. “Business and labor are successful when they work together,” Boshart Davis said. “A strong business environment is good for everyone.”

The representative-elect grew up in the heart of the “Grass Seed Capital of the World” and has experienced first-hand the various aspects of farming—harvest, production and sales.

“I can bring my knowledge of the agricultural industry to the forefront of policy making,” Boshart Davis said. “If we want to maintain our national and global competitiveness, it is imperative that the state government empower farmers to do what they do best: feed Americans and people around the globe.”

Boshart Davis understands the Carbon Reduction Committee will prove to be the 2019 session’s most comprehensive and divisive bill. She knows implementation of a cap-and-trade program will lead to increased costs for both businesses and consumers.

“I’m hearing from working families in my district that a cap-and-trade program will boost the cost of fuel and their utility bills,” Boshart Davis said. “Oregon’s contribution to global greenhouse emissions is insignificant, and a cap-and-trade program will do almost nothing to combat global climate change. I will work diligently to make sure that working families, and small business, have a voice in the lawmaking process in Salem.”


Dru Draper