Press Release: Governor Fails to Help Oregon Small Business

Governor Fails to Help Oregon Small Business

ALBANY, Ore. – After many calls for a veto, Governor Kate Brown announced her intent to sign Senate Bill 1528.  In a move that some have called “political theater,” the Governor has also called for a special session to deal with tax policy on small business. Her signature is the last step of the processes which would effectively raise taxes on small business and sole proprietors in Oregon. Last legislative session, SB 1528 was passed on party line votes just before the session was recessed.

Late last year, Congress passed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act which allows almost 400,000 Oregon small business to deduct 20 percent of their business income on their federal taxes. SB 1528 disconnects the state tax code from the federal code, therefore closing this deduction to Oregon small business for their state tax forms.

Shelly Boshart Davis, candidate for House District 15, released the following statement:

“As a business owner, I know firsthand the challenges facing businesses in Oregon. Governor Brown missed an opportunity to prove her commitment to small businesses – many of which are in House District 15. Small business is the driver of our state’s economy and raising their taxes is not the solution we need. As a legislator, I will be committed to helping Oregon small businesses succeed.”


Dru Draper