Press Release: AG-PAC Endorses Shelly Boshart Davis

AG-PAC Endorses Shelly Boshart Davis

ALBANY, Ore. – AG-PAC has become the latest group to throw their support behind Shelly Boshart Davis for House District 15. Board Chair, Dave Dillon said:

“Shelly is a remarkable leader in her community. She has proven herself in her own business and as an effective advocate for farm and ranch families and other local business families and their employees. Rarely have I seen a candidate so well-prepared to make an immediate and positive impact in Salem as Shelly Boshart Davis. In an era where so much about Oregon politics can be discouraging, Shelly is a candidate who gives us reason for optimism and hope.”

AG-PAC was established in 1989 as a political action committee focused on electing legislators who want to give agriculture, forestry, and natural resource-based industries a voice in the legislative process.

Shelly has been a longtime advocate for Oregon agriculture and business. She has grown up in Linn County as a daughter of a farmer and has helped work the family farm. American Agri-Women and Monsanto honored her with the annual “Farm Mom of the Year Award” in 2015.

Boshart Davis released the following statement:

“Agriculture creates about 1 in 10 Oregon jobs, with a $5.4 billion production value equal to roughly 15% of the state’s economy. The opportunity for Oregon’s Agriculture and its effect on the economy is exciting. Oregon agriculture has diversified into markets that are growing. These markets offer the potential to revitalize and encourage an industry that is slowly being recognized as having an increasing role in Oregon’s economic future. A few barriers still exist, transportation - both domestic and international - being one of them. I will bring experience and knowledge in both agriculture and transportation to Salem.”


Dru Draper