“Shelly brings incredible energy and expertise to the table. She understands the rural and urban issues in House District 15 and has taken the time to get involved in the legislative process over the past few sessions. Shelly is a great leader who will represent our district well.”

- Representative Andy Olson, District 15

"Shelly is a commonsense leader who understands the issues facing our community and has the skills to make a positive difference."

Roger Nyquist, Linn County Commissioner

”As a farmer, small business owner, and mother, Shelly understands and appreciates the importance for public safety in our community. She is a strong supporter of our local criminal justice system and an advocate for holding criminals accountable for their actions. As Sheriff, I’m confident Shelly has the moral compass and fortitude to stand up for what is right.”

- Bruce Riley, Former Linn County Sheriff


"As Vice President of Boshart Trucking and a wife, mother of three, Shelly will bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to the Oregon House of Representatives. Shelly does her homework, knows the issues, recognizes challenges and is prepared to advocate for her future constituents."

Janet Steele, President of Albany Chamber of Commerce


"Whenever I have needed help understanding Oregon agriculture, Shelly has always been there for me. She knows how business and ag work together to make Oregon more prosperous. She will bring that knowledge to the Legislature."

- Representative Bill Post, District 25

“Shelly has an energetic can-do attitude that will serve us well in Salem.  She will bring common sense solutions to the problems we face.  I have worked with Shelly as she served on the Linn County Budget Committee.  I endorse Shelly without reservation. I have great confidence in her commitment to public safety.  Please join me in voting for Shelly Boshart Davis.” 

- Doug Marteeny, Linn County District Attorney


“Now more than ever, we need Shelly’s experience, energy, and common sense in the legislature. Shelly Boshart Davis should be your next Representative in Salem.”

- Albany Chamber of Commerce, Good Government Council

"Shelly is a remarkable leader in her community. She has proven herself in her own business and as an effective advocate for farm and ranch families and other local business families and their employees. Rarely have I seen a candidate so well-prepared to make an immediate and positive impact in Salem as Shelly Boshart Davis. In an era where so much about Oregon politics can be discouraging, Shelly is a candidate who gives us reason for optimism and  hope."

- Ag-PAC


"In my opinion, there is no one better prepared than Shelly Boshart Davis to represent you in the Oregon Legislature." 

- Liz VanLeeuwen, Former Linn County State Legislator, 1981-1999


"Shelly Boshart Davis is a strong leader in her community and a valued voice for Oregon agriculture. Shelly has been a dedicated advocate for farmers and local small businesses on the local, state, and federal level. She is well-prepared to step in and be a champion for farming and ranching families. In this tough political climate, we need leaders who can push back and support all our communities - both urban and rural. I am proud to endorse Shelly Boshart Davis for House District 15."

- Barry Bushue, Oregon Farm Bureau President

Organization Endorsements

Albany Area Chamber of Commerce, Good Government Council

Oregon Family Council

National Federation of Independent Businesses

Oregon Chiefs of Police Association

Oregon Education Association

Oregonians for Food and Shelter

Oregon Right to Life

Oregon Farm Bureau

Community Member Endorsements


  • Representative Greg Smith, District 57

  • Dave Schmidt, Retired Linn County Commissoner

  • Kristen Smith

  • Teresa Nofziger

  • Emerson & Linda Smoker

  • Louise & Ted Bender

  • Karen & Nathan Turner

  • Elizabeth & William Eddings

  • Don & Dorthy Boyd

  • Luanne & Wilbur Starr

  • Cindy Jones

  • Peggy & Richard Bruner

  • Carol Young

  • Carol & James Schweitzer

  • Rex & Sherry Watkins

  • John & Marie Strupith

  • Timothy Jenks

  • Michael Dowless

  • Gregory Martin

  • Hayden & June Tobey

  • Joseph Perry

  • Barbara & Jack Gilser

  • Darrel & Nellie Davis

  • Mary & James Cosner

  • Craig Edminster

  • Clayton & Donna Dluehosh

  • Naomi & Robert Williams

  • Floyd Carper

  • Derick & Shannon Smith

  • John & Pamela Barrett

  • Scott Jacobson

  • Alexis Cain

  • Scott & Sharon Pierson 

  • Woodcastle Manufacturing

  • Dave & Nancy Reece - Reece & Assoc., Albany

  • Dustin Harrington

  • Doug and Danielle (Geissler) Black

  • Gary & Cindy Cook - Dever Connor Farmers

  • Howard and Judy Ropp - Albany Farmers

  • Stacy Koos - Banker

  • Brad & Debra Hanson


  • Rich Kellum - Albany City Councilor

  • Mike Sykes - Albany City Councilor

  • Dona Coon - Shedd Farmer

  • Mel Brush - Tangent Farmer

  • Dean & Kathleen Schrock - Tangent Farmer

  • Shay & Denver Pugh - Shedd Farmer

  • Telly & Amorita Wirth - Tangent Farmer

  • Dean L. Freeborn - Rickreall Farmer

  • Ed Perlenfein - Albany Business man

  • Wayne White - Wild West Events

  • Richard & Jeannie Breitenstein - Independence Farmer

  • F. James Healy - Attorney 

  • Eugene D. Horvath - Stutzman & Kropf

  • Lindsey Ruckert - Tangent Farmer

  • Helle Ruddenklau - Yamhill County Farmer

  • Mary Hood

  • Darek Shufeldt 

  • Eric Martin - Tangent

  • Amanda Scholten Cliever 

  • Carla True Towery  - Teacher

  • Mike & Kathy Martin - Albany Lock and Key

  • Kristal Dufour - Aasum-Dufour Funeral Home

  • Mike Going

  • Douglas & Leann Richards

  • Chris Koehler

  • Mark Brown

  • Dennis & Martha Glaser - Tangent Farmer

  • Stephanie Hagerty

  • Don Wirth - Tangent Farmer

  • Dennis & Karen Wirth - Tangent Farmer

  • Robert Sherfy - Albany Farmer

  • Randy Porter

  • Jessica Hubert - Realtor

  • Nick Russell

  • Mark & Arlene McNabb

  • Charles Mouradain

  • Chris & Katie Schrock - Tangent Farmers

  • Monte Lewis - Shedd Farmer

  • Steve Kurtz - Lebanon Businessman

  • Bonita McLain

  • Paul Dykast - Lebanon Farmer

  • Kristal R. Dufour - Aasum Dufour Funeral Services